Ice candies

Just saw this picture on my News Feed of Facebook. The picture made me feel nostalgic and pushed me here to write this. This image takes me to the time-period of the late 90’s, the age of wearing half-trousers and going to school in auto-rickshaws! That was the time. Life we lived. No complicated computer games to play nor the constant need to share everything that’s happening in your life in social media. Not even a simple laptop to stream your Netflix peacefully. All we had were small nasty quirks we did to give ourselves a little adrenaline high! Not the actual high though, there was still time for that!

Getting these candies once the school bell ding-dongs meant the world for us. At the end of each school day, we ran to the petti shops which sold these little delicious things. While wrestled ourselves in the little clouds in front little shops on the street, there were auto-rickshaw Walas(Chauffeur) who were impatiently waiting the school crowd reach them so that they can peacefully close their business of day with ease. Little did we know about the after effects of that nasty ice candies, but certainly knowing a little did not stop us from savoring it on a day to day basis. I will admit that it was pretty cool to eat it though.

Though you seldom find it nowadays on the roads. To my surprise, after around 15 years I found them in a Walmart and bought a bunch. It intrigued me at the beginning but later I got tired of it. It nor had the same taste as 15 years ago nor I had the same enthusiasm as before. Times change, people change.

Today’s children have a totally different set of things to do. Actually they have got a very little things to actually do as they never get released from hand cuffs of the social media. Today’s kids would never know nor enjoy the same life we had! Perhaps they would enjoy killing gangsters and winning races in Video games but never the race which we had for getting the ice candies just after the school bell rang!

Hail those vendors who sold out these candies!!!


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