Moto X 1st gen (2013) Android Lollipop 5.1 Update Issues and Comments

Hola everyone,

Writing after a really long time, only because of this Android Lollipop 5.1 update pissed me off so much. I was just like everyone else using an android phone and eagerly waiting for the lollipop update. A week ago, the update notification popped up and wouldn’t leave alone unless I updated my current OS.

Shown below are the update notification and the release key note from Motorola website. It gives the information about the new update and its features.

Screenshot (08-54PM, Jun 19, 2015)

The full changelog for the update can be found below.

Material Design You will quickly notice a whole new colorful look and feel to your device – from fluid animations to new application and system themes, colors and widgets.
Notifications UI & Priorities In order to alert you to the most timely and relevant information, the format and behavior of notifications have evolved:

  • Notifications will appear on the lockscreen and are intelligently ranked by type and who sent them.
  • You double-tap to open one, swipe left or right to clear one, or clear all notifications from the bottom of the list.
  • You can set the priority and privacy of notifications for each application.
  • Very high priority notifications will pop up briefly over other applications so that you can take action.
  • When you dismiss a notification on one device it will be dismissed on your other Android devices, if they are connected to the Internet.
  • You can further tailor how notifications behave with the new Downtime and Ambient Display settings (see below).
  • You can block interruptions until your next alarm. This choice will show only when you have an alarm set within the next 12 hours. It will prevent you from missing an alarm when you choose ‘No interruptions’.
  • You can choose to enter a scheduled downtime early. For example, if you are going to bed early and change your notification settings, you can choose “Until your downtime ends”. This option will be visible when within 4 hours of the scheduled start of your downtime.
  • Adds icons to the volume settings panel that match those that will show in the status bar (None, Priority).
  • You can now alter notification volume controls while media is playing. With the volume controls showing, a tap on the bell icon will bring up notification volume controls.
New Interruptions & Downtime Settings You can tailor how interruptions behave, choosing to allow all, none, or only priority interruptions. You can personalize what counts as a priority interruption (reminders, events, calls, messages) and even tailor them to be from only contacts you specify. The Downtime setting will allow only priority interruptions during the times and days that you specify. e.g. allow only priority interruptions on the weekend.
Recent Apps (Multi-tasking) The redesigned Overview space (formerly called Recents) will include both applications and separate activities within those applications. For instance, each open tab in Chrome will also appear here along with recent applications; both your Gmail Inbox and a draft email message will appear as separate cards. This provides a consistent way to switch amongst tasks.
Moto Your Moto phone adapts to you, not the other way around. Moto now incorporates Motorola Assist, Motorola Active Display, Moto Voice (Touchless Control), and Moto Actions.
Moto Display and Ambient Display While your phone’s display is off, Moto Display will continue to surface relevant notifications to you using the low-power Contextual Computing Processor.Android Lollipop now includes a similar feature, called Ambient Display, that displays notifications like those shown on the lockscreen. If you prefer to try the new Ambient Display feature, you can uncheck the Moto Display setting in the Moto app. Note: Ambient Display does not use Motorola’s low-power core and will turn on more of the display, so battery life may be impacted. The Moto Actions Approach gesture will not wake Ambient Display.
Moto Assist and Downtime Moto Assist integrates the new Downtime feature within Android Lollipop to control when you don’t want to be disturbed. Moto Assist also now uses the new Interruptions settings so that you can customize exceptions, such as letting only people on your starred contacts list get through.
Flashlight Lollipop includes a new flashlight option as part of Quick settings (swipe down with two fingers from the status bar to see it).
Quick Settings You can quickly select different Wi-Fi access points or different paired Bluetooth devices with a new pull-down menu on each tile. Conditional settings tiles that only show if you use the feature – like “Invert Colors” or “Hotspot” – can now be hidden via a long-press on the tile.
Share your Device You can now set up multiple user accounts on your phone. Guest mode is enabled by default. You can give calling and text privileges to other users of your device, or restrict them as you like in the Users menu under Settings.Note that the personalized Moto experiences (Moto Assist, Moto Voice, Moto Display, Moto Actions) and Motorola Connect are for the owner account only.

The Motorola Camera and Gallery applications support multiple user accounts.

Pin a view/app Screen pinning allows you to keep a specific app or screen in view. For example, you can ‘pin’ a game and your child will not be able to navigate anywhere else on your phone.
Battery The Battery settings panel now shows an estimated projection for how much time you have left while discharging or charging. You can also enable a new battery saver mode that will save power by reducing performance and most background data operations to extend your battery life.
Smarter Internet Connections With Android Lollipop, your phone will not connect to a Wi-Fi access point unless there is a verified internet connection. This feature improves hand-offs between Wi-Fi and cellular connections, helping to maintain your video chat or voice-over-IP (VoIP) call as you switch.
Performance Your phone now uses the new Android Runtime to help optimize application performance. After upgrading to Lollipop, your applications will undergo a one-time optimization process. Note that the optimization for ART requires more space.
Smart Lock
(Trusted Devices)
Android Lollipop adds native support for allowing trusted devices to keep your phone unlocked (such as your Moto 360, a Bluetooth car kit or headset, etc.). Smart Lock replaces the prior trusted device capability in your Motorola phone. Note that you will need to add your trusted devices back after the transition to Lollipop in the Security settings menu under Smart Lock.

I was just cautious and skeptical about this new update and googled a lot about this update and reviews. I couldn’t find much and of the few reviews which I could find were horrible about updating the 1st gen Moto X (2013), XT1053 to be specific(my exact model number). I am just gonna post some of the user’s comments on the new Lollipop 5.1 Update for 1st ten Moto X below, so that it will make it easy for other android user who search for the reviews about this update.

The following comments by users were replies to this post

Scubapup says

06/19/2015 at 5:50 pm

The wife just got the update for her unlocked gen 1 Moto X.

A Patel says

06/21/2015 at 7:12 am

is it working? because my phone is totally messed up… texts take 15 minutes just to be sent, cant update apps, barely can make phone calls : ( had to restart the phone a few times. I cant roll back and my phone is useless like this. I removed all 3rd party apps and cleared up as much data as possible. You have any suggestions?

TW says

06/22/2015 at 12:15 am

I updated my phone yesterday & it has been horrible- text messages are not being sent & received, apps are not working, battery life is completely drained when I never had that issue previously.

I’ve been having the same issues with my phone. Another issue is that the Google Play Services isn’t updating, nor are any other apps.

ritachta says

06/23/2015 at 8:00 am

Same here, did the update on my 1st gen Moto X and everything is screwed up. Texts from yesterday morning finally came in at 10:45 p.m. last night, phone is constantly hot after charging even when all apps appear closed, did not have an alarm past two days because a full battery died in 5 hours. I did not ask for bright, pretty colors on my screens, I think that should have been my option to change, the contrast between bright blue and white is hard on my eyes. How can I uninstall this update?

Gerald says

06/24/2015 at 9:19 am

Updated my moto x (1st gen) to Android 5.1 OTA from Motorola. Phone was purchased directly from Motorola. I loved the phone. This release has made my phone almost unusable:
1. Runs very, very hot
2. Battery runs downs very quickly. Takes forever to charge. I was only able to charge it fully by turning it off and charging overnight. Keeping the phone on while charging causes it to charge about 5% each hour.

Unacceptable. Don’t know what to do.

And some more comments from another post

Many of us in the soak test have been vocal about how disappointed we are with this build. Your mileage may vary, update with caution.

I am having a horrible time with this update. My wifi only works for 2 minutes after the phone boots. After that I see a “!” by both the WiFi and the 4G signal and I am unable to use data until I turn off wifi. My misfit shine no longer syncs unless I reboot the phone, start the app and try to sync before the system turns bluetooth on. The app will ask to turn it on and then after 10 seconds it will sync

Try a factory reset and report back

Everything seems well after a factory reset. My shine now syncs consistently (though not as fast as before) and I am able to use wifi.

I needed to factory reset/ cleanse anyways. I had 5 GB of photos and 4 GB of apps with 11GB of usable space. With all the apps I wanted back installed I now only have 2.5 GB of apps.

What have been the issues with the 5.1.1 update?

Battery life, reboots while using assist functions. Optimizing apps screen while booting on and off charger. Bluetooth audio issues, WiFi, lte signal strength. Sluggish performance. Some have had luck reseting to factory after update, I have not tried that yet though. I have to reboot my phone every day if I want performance to be better.

Seems like one would almost be better off sticking to the 4.4.4 KK update than to take lollipop…..

I’ve heard different results from other users. Just try it for yourself and see.

I will whenever Verizon deems that I am worthy of an update…To be honest, I’ve been playing around with Windows on a Lumia 822 lately. Really its not bad and the app store has gotten better but is still lacking. Windows 10 has me intrigued, which is the reason that I picked up the Lumia, and will be a force to be reckoned with if it works the way that M$ says it will… But Android will continue to be my daily driver for the foreseeable future… Looking forward to the Lollipop update..,.

I always factory reset after a large OS update. It’s always kept me from having issues after updates like others will have. People always think it’s such a hassle to do but its really not, especially now that almost everything is autosynced to ur Google account. I used to need titanium backup but not anymore

Yeah that sounds like lollipop. Half ass’d, but 5.1.1 is cool so far.

Everything you listed were improved upon for 5.1 on my Nexus 6. Very interesting, hope we read on the soak test for the 2014 version. Thanks for posting

So why won’t you factory reset then ?

I have been on the fence about getting a new phone anyways. Not sure I want to deal with restoring everything again.

So you didn’t factory reset which could (and likely will) resolve most (if not all) of your problems and then you come here and warn people to not update because of the problems that you personally refuse to remedy, or at the very least verify the source of the problem? SMH

Shake your head all you want, as part of the test drive we are asked not to reset our devices. Once the test drive is over and we are released, then I may reset my device. Either way, I am just giving others fair warning of what is in store for them if they choose to update. Nobody should be forced to reset their device after an upgrade to fix issues

The non-factory reset request made by Motorola is pre-update BC when you factory reset it resets and assigns a new Moto device ID…. I don’t know if a post-update reset would hurt anything, but to be on the safe side I still wouldn’t…

I’ve been eyeballing the S6 myself, its a beautiful handset but the powercell and touchwiz……

For one, it’s the 5.1 update that’s going out so there’s still a memory leak bug that’s active (fixed in 5.1.1). Performance and battery life haven’t been great (as mike dunham said). You can take the update but be warned Motorola might take some time before it pushes 5.1.1+, if at all.

Dang, I thought they were rolling out 5.1.1 to the original X. The article matches what you said, though.

So these are all the reviews and comments I have seen so far about this update for 1st Moto X (2013). This post was just made to make the users aware of the issues in the new update for this specific model. So please do comment your problems and issues with the new update and how did you troubleshoot it.

And I will make sure to write more about this lollipop 5.1 update if anything comes up.

Have a great day people!

-Dork Knight


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